1. After you have set the “Basic Settings” you will be brought to the “Schedule” page 
    • Or you can go directly to page Products > Scheduled > Actions > Schedule


2.    Set the activity time slot/s

  1. To create multiple pricing options (example: Adult $10, Child $5) click +Add Price
    • Advanced Settings:
      1. Hidden pricing - to create internal pricing not available to online booking customers
      2. Deposit only pricing - to create option for customer to pay partially to book. Outstanding balance can be settled based on shop preferences. Timing: in advance of activity, on day of activity, etc. Method: Charge payment method used to book, use different payment method, cash, check, etc.
        1. enter total amount to be paid
        2. enter deposit amount

3. Minimum - number of participants to make price available

4. Maximum - number of participants to make price available

3.   Continue to create multiple time slots if needed by clicking +Add Time Slot at the bottom left > Save Changes