In order to edit an add-on, log into your account and navigate to Products > Settings > Add-Ons.  The screen will contain two sections, one for active add-ons and one for archived-add-ons. Find the add-on you wish to edit in the table and select Edit from the Actions menu.

Note that only active add-ons are able to be edited.

Upon selecting Edit in this menu you are presented with a form very similar to that of the Create Add-On form.

Add-On Name is a required field and designates the name of the add-on. Something descriptive should be utilized so that users know what this add-on is at time of purchase. An example of a good add-on name could be “Nitrox 32% – 2 tanks”.

Add-On Price (in USD) is the price you’re selling the add-on per add-on. Note that customers can purchase more than one of each add-on, so this is a per-item price. It’s also important to note that the currency listed in this example is specific to this business. Your business may utilize a different currency in which case the price will be based in your currency.

Select Save Changes to save this add-on. The add-on will then be able to be selected with your products to be sold as part of your add-ons. Selecting Cancel will discard your changes and your add-on will not be updated.