In order to create a question, log into your account and navigate to Products > Settings > Questions.  To create the new question select Add New in the top left corner of the screen.

Question represents the text of the question. An example of question text could be “What is your certification level?”

Answer Type allows you to set what type of answer you expect back.

Free Form Text presents the user with a text box. They are able to enter any value for an answer.

Select From a List allows you to specify a predetermined set of answers for your question. With this option you create the potential answers for your customer to select from.

You are able to create one or more answer options for this type of question. This is also the only type of question that allows for follow-up questions.  Follow-up questions allows you to ask additional questions based on the answer of a previous question. In order to ask follow-up question(s) to a response select Ask follow-up question under the answer option.

You are able to ask one or more follow-up questions to a response of a previous question. Note that you cannot ask the same question as a follow-up question. Follow-up questions are always marked as required to the user. You are able to add follow-up questions to multiple answer options with this setting.

A good example of a follow-up question is if you ask the user “Do you require transportation from your hotel?” and they answer “Yes” you can ask “What hotel are you staying at?”

Choose a Date gives the user a date selector to pick a date. This option can be useful if you’re asking a date-specific question. Note: do not use this option to ask the user for multi-day activity dates. See Choose Activity Date option for that requirement.

Choose Activity Date allows a customer to pick another date of availability for a scheduled activity. This is helpful when you are offering a multi-day activity. Note that this option may not be available for all product types.

Select Save Changes to save your question. Selecting Cancel will discard your changes.

After you setup your question, assign question to product/s.