Edit Category

In order to edit a category, log into your account and navigate to Products > Settings> Categories.  The screen will contain two sections, one for active categories and one for archived categories. Find the category you wish to edit in the table and select Edit from the Actions menu.

Note that only active categories are able to be edited.

Upon selecting Edit in this menu you are presented with a form very similar to that of the Create Category form.

Category Name is the title of your category. It’s best to make these generic enough to support multiple products but specific enough to be understood. Good examples of category names could be location names or activity types (like scuba, kayaking, rafting, etc.)

Category Image is the image that is shown for the given category. Selecting Select from your images will give a list of thumbnails to pick from. Any images uploaded in the Image section will appear here as well as default images from the system. If a specific image does not appear in this list you may need to go back and upload the image first. Archived images are also not available for selection.

When you are finished creating your category select Save Changes to save your category. Selecting Cancel will discard your changes.