The Facebook pixel allows businesses to track users across devices. Adding this pixel allows a business to learn more about the demographics of users who use the website and make purchases as well as the ability to target ads on the Facebook platform to users who have made purchases in the past, those who abandoned the purchase path, as well as look-alike users based on other users.

Once a pixel has been created, copy the ID of the pixel and paste it into the box labeled “ID”. Once saved the pixel code and corresponding ID will be added automatically to the booking website. The pixel exists on all pages and steps of the booking site and allows you to track pageviews from users. In addition, if a user makes a purchase, the purchase details, such as total amount, is also recorded as a purchase event.

How to add Facebook Pixel to your TRYTN account: Settings > Tracking > Add Id as shown below > Save Changes

More Facebook pixel events may be supported in the future. Contact your account manager if your business has a required Facebook pixel event that is not currently being supported.

Learn more about the Facebook pixel: