When running search ads on Google it’s critical that you have tracking in place to measure the success of your campaigns so you can adjust and optimize your ad spend. As part of your campaign set up Google will present you with the option to track conversions as part of your ad campaign. When created, you will be presented with a snippet of code with an “ID” and “Label” data. Place each of these items in the corresponding boxes.

Once added conversions will be tracked when a purchase is made. Information like transaction ID, order total, etc. will also be sent as part of this request. The data will then start flowing into your Google Ads reports and you will begin to see how successful and how cost-effective your campaigns are running.

Note that this is only conversion tracking. At this time TRYTN does not support Google Ads remarketing pixels, however this may be supported in the future. Contact your account manager if your business has a need for Google Ads remarketing campaigns.

Learn more about Google Ads conversion tracking: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/1722054?hl=en