Assets are items that are utilized as part of a tour or activity. Some examples of assets could be kayaks, bicycles, or electronic audio tour devices. Creating assets are valuable so that you don't oversell due to lack of inventory. TRYTN supports multiple asset management strategies that are covered in a different document due to their complexities, so this article will simply to cover the basics of how to create an asset. 

In order to create an asset, log into your account and navigate to Products > Settings> Assets.  To create the new asset select +Add in the top right corner of the screen. 

Name is the descriptive name of the asset. At no time will this name be presented to a customer so internal naming is fine. This could be something like "Kayaks" if it's a group, or, depending on your product line up and asset management strategy, could be an actual named item such as "Cleopatra Fisherman 33".

Quantity is the quantity of the asset you have. So in our kayak example you may have 30 kayaks available for a tours, whereas with our named fishing boat you may only have one, It is important to note that quantity of an asset will only come into consideration with the Shared Quantity asset management strategy covered in a different document.