What is an asset?

An asset is a physical item, an asset, that is required to perform a tour or activity. Examples of assets are bicycles, kayaks, or named items like Cleopatra Fisherman 33. Assets that are required to perform an activity or tour are then assigned to a product so that the inventory and capacity of each tour can be managed based on the capacity or availability of assets. 

I don't see where to create or manage assets. Where do I see that?

Under Products > Settings > Assets is the management of assets. To enable this feature, go to Settings on the left hand dashboard and click on Features in the menu. Under Functionality Settings "check" the Asset Management box.

How do I translate an asset name?

Since asset names are internal-only we do not support the ability to translate an asset name. Please open a support ticket if you encounter an example where an asset name needs to be translated.