In order to edit an asset, log into your account and navigate to Products > Settings> Assets.  The screen will contain two sections, one for active assets and one for archived-assets. Find the asset you wish to edit in the table and select Edit from the Actions menu. 

Note that you can only edit assets that are currently active.

Upon selecting Edit in this menu you are presented with a form very similar to that of the Create Asset form. 

Name is the descriptive name of the asset. At no time will this name be presented to a customer so internal naming is fine. This could be something like "Kayaks" if it's a group, or, depending on your product line up and asset management strategy, could be an actual named item such as "Cleopatra Fisherman 33".

Quantity is the quantity of the asset you have. So in our kayak example you may have 50 kayaks available for a tours, whereas with our named fishing boat you may only have one, It is important to note that quantity of an asset will only come into consideration with the Shared Quantity asset management strategy covered in a different document. 

How to override an asset for a set time: Products > Settings > Assets > Actions > Edit > Add Override > add start date, end date, override quantity > save changes

Select Save Changes to save this asset. Selecting Cancel will discard your changes and your asset will not be updated.