Are there any file size restrictions?

Yes, the maximum file size we support is 2Mb.

What are the recommended dimensions of an image?

For product/category images we recommend 960px wide by 400px tall.

What file types are supported?

JPEG, GIF, and PNG are all supported. 

Do I need any special software to manipulate images in the system?

We support the ability to crop images when uploaded. Other manipulations to the images or manipulating images after they are uploaded is not supported. Third-party software will be required for additional modifications outside of these. 

Why does the image I uploaded look blurry?

Images that are smaller than the recommended dimensions will be resized to those dimensions. Therefore images that are too small will lose quality and look blurry. To fix this please upload a larger resolution image. 

Am I able to add any details about my image?

No, meta data and other items are not available in the system. We also don't currently support alternate text or tagging of images at this time.