Adding users allows you to delegate various activities to others in your organization. Each user has a separate username, password, and user roles/permissions which means you can set up users to only see and do what their roles require. Creating additional users is the recommended approach instead of sharing your log in information for security. 

Log into the system and navigate to Settings > Team to find the users screen. Select Add to start adding a new user.

Email Address is the email address the user will be associated with. This is required to be a unique email in the system.

Permissions are user roles and rights to assign to that user. These can be modified by the account administrator at any time as jobs and roles change. What each one of these permission levels mean and what they give access to for a user is covered in another support document.

Click Save Changes to save the user. The user will then receive an email at the specified email address with instructions on how to set their account password.