Users in the system can have very broad to very limited access to features and functionality depending on their role in the organization. 

View Transaction Information - This is the base level a user can have access to and is a dependent permission for other permissions described later in this document. This setting allows users to see transaction details but not modify them in any way. 

Edit Transactions - In addition to being able to view transaction details, users with this role can also modify transactions. They are able to reschedule activities to different dates and make other updates to transactions. 

Run transaction reports - Users with this role are able to view and run various reports within the admin. 

Edit Activity Settings - If a user has this permission they are able to see the various activity settings (questions, add ons, etc.) and are able to create, edit, translate, and archive these various items. 

Edit Account Settings and User Permissions - This user role allows the user to modify account settings like business name and payment details like tax rates as well as add and edit users.

Manage staff assignments - This user has the ability to assign staff members or remove staff members from activities. They can also create and manage staff roles. Note: this permission is not required for a user to be able to see staff schedules.

Edit Reservation Schedule - Any user with this role is able to modify the existing scheduled activity schedules. These users will be able to open/close dates, open additional dates, and close down time slots and edit time slot capacities. 

Authorize Transaction Refunds - Users who have this permission as well as view and edit transaction details will also be able to issue refunds for transactions.