The TRYTN platform supports the ability for a customer to be asked additional questions based on the answer to a given question. This is useful to enhance the user experience so as to not show questions and require answers to users that do not apply to them. 

Some considerations / points of note about conditional follow-up questions:

  • Follow up questions are always required
  • Follow up questions can only be set on Select from a list type parent questions

In order to utilize this functionality think about the questions you would like to ask. Navigate to Product > Settings > Questions and create your questions. Follow up questions should be created prior to the question(s) that you will attach your follow up questions. Once created, create or edit your Select from a list question you wish to ask follow up questions.

In the above example we are asking a primary question of "Do you require hotel pick up?" If the user answers "Yes", we will then also ask and require an answer to "Hotel Name" which is a select list and "Pick Up Time" which is a free-form field.

Once you have created your answer options for your primary question and assigned follow up questions to those options, select Save Changes to save your question. Users will now be conditionally asked follow up questions they are required to answer based on their response to a given parent question.