The TRYTN platform allows you to ask questions at various "levels" so as to improve the customer experience. Below are the descriptions and example of each of the various question levels.

Once Per Participant - This level is asked one time for every participant added to a given activity. This is useful for participant-specific information like name, age, level of experience, and size. 

Note: The Once Per Participant question level is not available for selection on merchandise products.

Once Per Cart Item - This level is asked once per item in your cart. As an example, if a customer added "1 Hour Guided Tour" to their cart with 3 participants, this question would be asked just one time for the 1 Hour Guided Tour product. This question level is useful for item-specific information like picking an alternate/second date.

Once Per Cart - This level is asked once per customer cart and should be information you only need to collect once per purchase. Examples of this type of information could be Where did you hear about us?

In order to set a question to a given level navigate to the product type you wish to assign a question and then create or edit that item. On the Advanced Settings screen you have a section for Questions. Add at least one question If you do not see any questions you may need to add a question first.

Next, you will see a drop-down with your level options. Pick the option that best fits the need for the given question and select Save Changes.