As with other products, add-ons need to have the ability to be taxed at varying levels. Luckily the TRYTN platform allows you to tax add-ons differently than the products they are purchased with. An example of this could be someone purchasing an alcohol package as an add-on to their experience. Because many governments add additional excise tax to alcohol purchases you need the ability to charge this additional tax only to the alcohol portion of this purchase.  To configure tax rates on your add-ons, navigate to Products > Settings > Add-Ons. Find an existing add-on or create a new add on.

On the left of the Taxes section (or top if on mobile) you will see a list of available tax rates that have not already been applied to this add-on. On the right (or bottom if on mobile) you'll see a list of tax rates that are already applied to this add-on.  Select the tax rate(s) needed for this add-on and click Save Changes. All subsequent purchases of this add-on will be charged the tax rates listed in the Selected Tax Rates section.

Likewise, if you wish to remove an existing tax rate from being charged on an add-on just reverse the steps above to remove one or more tax rates from this add-on and select Save Changes.