Not every business will refer to products in the same way as others. Therefore TRYTN has the ability to allow businesses to customize certain aspects of the products so that products are referred to in the correct nomenclature for your business. 

Note: by default not every business will have access to the custom label functionality. If you do not have access please open a support ticket. 

Navigate to the custom labels section under Settings > Custom Labels. Here you will find a list of labels that can be customized. Find the section titled Product Tabs to customize the product tabs for your business.  You are presented with 3 fields, Merchandise Tab, Scheduled Tab, and Unscheduled Tab. Each of these refers to a tab in the booking flow as well as in the admin. 

Add the updated labels and click Save Changes to save your changes. Momentarily you should see this change reflected. You also can now translate the custom product tab labels into the various languages as well.