Not every business will sell products at a participant level. Some businesses might sell an entire boat as a product or something similar. Because of this TRYTN has added the flexibility to allow a business to create dynamic unit labels 

Navigate to the custom labels area from Settings > Custom Labels. Here you will find a section called Products and a subsection underneath that called Unit Labels. Here you have the ability to create one or more custom unit labels to better describe what the customer is buying. 

Enter the label you wish to create, one at a time, and hit Enter for each label. You will see the label appear below the New Unit Label field. 

If you are on your default language you also have the ability to delete custom unit labels. Once you have created all of the custom unit labels you want click Save Changes to save your changes. 

If you don't see a New Unit Label text box then you are not on your default language. Custom unit labels can only be translated on non-default languages and cannot be created or deleted on them. 

You will be brought back to the previous screen after your changes have been saved where you will have the ability to translate your custom labels into various languages. 

Remember to assign your custom unit labels to products.