Am I required to create a tax rate or fee?

No, we offer tax rates/fees as an optional feature for you to use. If your business does not need to collect taxes you are not required to use it.

Can I have more than one tax rate/fee?

Yes. TRYTN supports multiple tax rates/fees to offer the flexibility your business requires to operate.

Can I assign more than one tax rate/fee to an add-on or product?

Yes. We understand that some products may be subject to additional taxes that other products are not. Therefore we offer the ability to assign multiple tax rates/fees to a given product.

Can I charge a flat amount instead of a calculated amount based on a percent for a tax/fee?

Yes, the TRYTN system allows you to charge both percentage-based and flat-fee amounts. 

Can different products have different tax rates/fees?

Absolutely. Simply create your various tax rates/fees and assign different rates/fees to your different products.