External Link: https://trytn.com/shopurl


Embedding Booking Implementation Instructions

Add the following script line to the site (preferable at the bottom before closing body tag):

<script async type="text/javascript" src="https://trytn.com/Content/dist/scripts/embedding.js" id="trytn-embed" data-shop="shopurl" data-defaultculture="en" data-business-id=""></script>

Any generic “Book Now” button should look similar to this: <a href="trytn.com/shopurl" class="book-now js-trytn-book">BookNow</a>

The red and underlined part needs to be added/included into any existing classes for each of these booking buttons.


Individual link instructions <a href="#" class="book-now js-trytn-book">Book Now</a>

  • Replace # with individual activity link

Individual link derived from clicking External link and activity or category name.