Translating your attributes can be important if you receive business from other countries or from customers who speak other languages. This increases user engagement. This added benefit to the user makes it easier for them to find your products.

In order to translate a category, log into your account and navigate to Products > Settings> Attributes.  The screen will contain two sections, one for active attributes and one for archived categories. Find the attribute you wish to translate in the table and select Translate from the Actions menu.

Upon finding and selecting an attribute to translate you are presented with a translation screen.

At the top of the form is Select Language. This option allows you to pick the language you wish to translate your attribute into. Note that the system may not offer a language you wish to translate your category into. If this is the case please contact your account manager to learn about how to request custom development.

Once you have selected the desired language you are presented a screen with two columns. The left column lists the English version of each field that can be translated. The right column offers the ability to translate these fields into another language. Note, by default the English version may be present.

Translate your content for each of the fields in the fields on the right. Each field corresponds to the provided content on the left.

Once the fields are translated select Save Translations. If you select Cancel the translation changes will not be saved.

When a user selects a different language (or enters the booking process with a specific language) the translated content will be present. Any content not translated will be presented to the user in English.