You have the ability with TRYTN to assign custom unit labels to your products. This can be beneficial for items like charters where the customer is buying the entire boat for a given period of time instead of per-participant. 

Navigate to the product you wish to edit or create a new product. Products > Select product type > Actions > Advanced Settings. On the Advanced Settings screen you will see a field called Unit Label.

By default this will show Participant. You have the ability to change this with the labels you have created. If you do not see this field there are a few possible reasons why:

  1. You have not created any custom unit labels. Please go to Shop Settings > Custom Labels and create a custom unit label.
  2. You are on a merchandise item. Only scheduled and unscheduled activities can utilize custom unit labels.

Select the alternative label from the dropdown and select Save Changes. Going forward all customers will see this label for this product in the booking flow and emails.