TRYTN currently supports three types of promotions. 

Flat Rate - Flat rate promotions are taking a specific, static amount off of a purchase. Perhaps you want to offer users the ability to save $10 on a purchase and you create a promotion for this, a user entering in your promotion code on a $200 purchase would only pay $190 (plus taxes and fees). 

Percent - The most common promotion type is the percentage-based promotion. In this scenario the user will receive a calculated amount off based on a percentage. If a user enters a 10% off promotion code from their $100 purchase they will only pay $90 (plus taxes and fees).

Buy One Get One Percentage Off - In this situation a user is encouraged to purchase multiple of a product in order to unlock a discount. As long as the user purchases multiples of two for an item (even number of items) they will receive a percentage-based discount on the second item purchased. In this example let's assume a user adds three (3) participants to the 4 Hour Dive activity and enters in a promotion code for Buy One Get One Percentage Off. If each participant has the same price of $100 the original total would be $300. In this example let's assume the promotion code gives the user 50% off this is how the price would break down:

    Participant 1: $100

    Participant 2: $50

    Participant 3: $100

    Total: $250

More promotion types may be supported in the future. If your business has a use case that is not currently supported please open a support ticket.