Can I assign more than one SmartWaiver template to a product?

Yes, the system allows for zero to many waivers per-product. Simply select the same product for more than one SmartWaiver template to send multiple waivers for the user to sign. 

Will I receive status updates when a waiver is signed?

Yes, as part of your integration between TRYTN and SmartWaiver TRYTN will establish web hooks into SmartWaiver. This will allow the system to know when a SmartWaiver is signed so that the system can display that information to your employees. You will not receive additional communication from TRYTN about status changes like this but may still receive notifications from SmartWaiver itself.

If I integrate with SmartWaiver can I still use the built-in waiver system in TRYTN?

No, a SmartWaiver integration will replace the built-in waiver functionality. 

Does every product have to be assigned to a SmartWaiver template?

No, you do not need to link every product to a SmartWaiver template, only those which actually require a waiver to be filled out. 

I don't see a way to add my SmartWaiver API key into the system and/or can't assign SmartWaiver templates to a product.

Since this is an advanced feature it is not enabled for every business by default. If you wish to integrate with SmartWaiver and currently do not have access please open a support ticket.