Within each transaction details page you will see a list of communications that were sent as part of that transaction. This information can be extremely helpful in the event of a payment dispute. To see the various communications sent for a given transaction navigate to Transactions and search or find a given transaction. Click on Actions and then Details.

On this screen find the Communications section. Here you will see the date and time each communication was sent, the subject line of the communication, and the communication method. 

If you expand using the + you can see a history of each event that took place for that message. Only messages sent on or after August 22, 2019 will have this information. From this you will be able to see when a user was sent a message, when it was opened, if it bounced, etc. 

Note: Only transactions made after May 1st, 2019 will display this section. Transactions made prior to this date will not have this information available.