To edit an existing new email template navigate to Settings > Custom Communications. Find the email you wish to edit in the active list.

Note that this feature is not enabled by all users by default. If you wish to use this feature and do not have access please open a support ticket.

You are able to translate these emails into various languages using the Select Language drop down. Select the language you wish to send the email in and the form will update to that language.

Subject is the subject line of the email message. The subject line is restricted to 255 characters and can only be static text. You are not able to use any variables in a subject line. A subject is required.

Email Message is the message body. You have the ability to format and align text using the WYSIWYG editor. This will also allow you to add ordered and unordered lists. If there are additional formatting requirements please open a support ticket for evaluation. To the right of the email message field is a list of variables that can be used in the email body. Simply copy and paste the variable placeholders into the email message field where you wish to include that piece of dynamic data and that data will appear when the email is sent. 

Note: the following two fields are variable in display. In each case an explanation will be given for when these fields will display.

Email Template Type is the type of email this will be. This field will only be visible when the user is on the default language of the create or edit email template screen. 

How many days before/after do you want this email to be sent? field allows you to set how many days before or after (depending on the template type) an email will be sent. A pre-activity email will be sent this number of days prior to the activity date and a post-activity or post-purchase email will be sent this number of days after the activity or purchase. This field is only visible if the user is on the default language of the create or edit email template screen as well as only for pre-activity, post-activity, or post-purchase email types. If one of these template types is not selected this field will also not be displayed.

Once your email template is completed select Save Changes and the email will be saved.