TRYTN currently supports four main types of email templates. Each template can be utilized in different situations. 


This email template type is useful when you wish to contact the user a certain number of days before an activity date. Examples of this could be reminders on what to bring or how to find the launch location. You can configure how many days prior to the activity date this email will be sent, from 1 to 14 days prior. Only scheduled activities can utilize the pre-activity template.


Similar to the pre-activity template type this email template is sent after an activity has been consumed, between 1 and 14 days after the activity has been consumed. Examples of this email could be prompting a user for a review or sending them a promotion code for a future purchase. Only scheduled activities can utilize the post-activity template.


Similar to the post-activity template type this email template is sent after a purchase has been made, between 1 and 14 days after the purchase date. Since this is triggered based on a purchase all product types can utilize this template type. An example of this type of email type could be useful for merchandise purchased letting them know when their purchase will ship. 

User Driven

User driven email templates are essentially canned-responses. These are not triggered based on time but rather another event which then manually triggers this email. As an example let's assume you have a bike tour that is very weather-dependent. A thunderstorm hits your city and so you can no longer perform this tour. You can have a canned cancellation message to quickly send to the participants for a given time slot (or even an entire day) this canned message.