In a traditional log in situation you are prompted for information you know such as a username or email coupled with a password. However this single-factor authentication is typically not very secure for a number of reasons:

  1. Users typically use the same passwords for many applications or sites
  2. Users may have passwords that are easy to guess
  3. Hackers can compromise systems and publish the data (which is especially problematic if the passwords are the same across sites)

Because of this we have introduced two-factor authentication to secure your account with additional measures. With two-factor authentication you are first prompted for what you know and then prompted for what you have. In our case, you will have an authenticator application that will give you a six-digit code specific to your account and on your specific device. Even if your password was compromised your account would still be secure because the would-be hacker would not have the code that is only on your device. 

Only after entering both a password and a pass code are you able to access your account.