TripAdvisor/Viator Integration Instructions (after a TripAdvisor Experiences account is created). Contact your TRYTN account manager or with questions.

1. Inform TripAdvisor Experiences you would like to connect TRYTN as your reservation system

  • Or, log into TripAdvisor Experiences Management Center. Go to Supplier dropdown menu on the top right -> Account Page -> Connectivity tab -> Click green button “Connect Now”
    1. select TRYTN from a dropdown menu 
    2. enter API key prod_Ct8P9QMwzXa8odAevU8sS0fQCsIwYD7btOoW337czg1 
    3. click Save.

  • A Viator Supplier ID number will display, make note of this number:

2. Log into TRYTN: Settings > Viator > Enter Viator Supplier ID > Save Changes 

3. In TRYTN: Products > Scheduled > Actions > Advanced Settings > click checkbox for “is this item exposed for purchase thru Viator?” > Save Changes

  • Repeat for each activity

Please note after steps 1-3 are completed, it can take 8-24 hours for the API connection to display within your TripAdvisor Experiences Account.


  1. In TripAdvisor Experiences:
    1. If schedule is not yet created, reate products and schedule: Products > Create a Product* > Complete steps
    2. Follow TripAdvisor Experiences Mapping Instructions

*TripAdvisor Experiences note: If you run slight variations of the same tour/activity (such as multiple time slots), we recommend creating only one product and adding multiple Options onto it. This will greatly help customers know which option they wish to book, give them the option to upgrade to a better option, and consolidate your reviews to one place.

To create Options on your product, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to the TripAdvisor Experiences Management Center (
2. Click the “Products” tab
3. Find the product you want to edit and click "Manage"
4. Select the “Schedules and prices” tab
5. Click the “Add option” button at the bottom of this page
6. Add the name of your Option
7. Click “Next”
8. Enter the dates this Option is available for
9. Click “Next”
10. Enter the rates for this Option for each Age Group you offer
11. Select the days of the week you operate this Option
12. If the Option begins at a specific time, enter the start time(s) that apply
13. Click “Save”

For questions when you are within TripAdvisor Experiences, it is recommended to utilize their support chat/phone number for best assistance.