In order to edit an existing content page, log into your account and navigate to Settings > Pages. You will find a list of active content pages. If this list is missing you may have no active pages or no pages at all. Find the content page you wish to edit and select Edit from the More Actions menu,

Name is a required field that describes the name/main headline of the page. You have the ability to also define an SEO title which will be detailed later.

Content is another required field that is the main content of the page. You have the ability to format text to suit your needs. A page is required to have content. 

Advanced Settings

You have the ability to set additional meta data about your content page within the Advanced Settings section. 

Within this advanced settings screen are three optional meta data fields. This data is used by search engines and some social media platforms when sharing links. 

Meta Description is a short description of the content on the page. General best practice is to keep this to under 255 characters in length.

Meta Keywords are keywords that help describe your content as well as synonyms of keywords used in the content of your page. These terms are what people use to find your content on search engines. 

Meta Title allows you to define a title for the page that is more SEO-friendly and not the same as the main heading of the page. 

Select Save Changes to save this content page. The changes will be reflected on your site within 5 minutes to customers.  Selecting Cancel will not save what you have updated and your changes will be lost.