Translating your content pages makes for a better user experience for customers and browsers that are not the same language as your business. You have the ability to easily translate content pages to any language currently supported by TRYTN. In order to translate a content page navigate to Settings > Pages and find the page you wish to translate. If you do not have a page to translate please create or restore an archived page. Select Translations from the More Actions menu.

On the left is your English content and the right will be a copy of that content where you can edit to be in the selected language. You may also optionally see a section for meta translations.

If you added any meta details to your content page when you created it you will have the ability to add translations to your meta data. If you do not see this field it is because your content page does not contain meta data in the default English language. 

Create your translations and select Save to save translations in the selected language. Repeat these steps for all desired languages. Selecting Cancel will not save your changes and any translations will be lost.