Is there a limit to how many content pages I can have?

No, there is no limit.

Is there a limit to how much content a page can have?

No, but a general best practice is to not make any content page too long or users will not read it all.

Are there restrictions as to the content I can publish?

Content that would violate the Terms of Service does not qualify for publication. 

Can I share out links to my content pages?

Yes, each content page has a unique URL that can be shared through any medium.

Where can users find my content pages?

Currently within the main navigation menu on desktop or mobile of the standard booking experience. Content pages are not currently available on the embedded solution.

Where does the information for the About and Contact page come from?

Using existing shop data this page is automatically created. The hours are from the Hours field within your Profile settings. The address is generated from the Address section of your Profile settings. Information about contact details are from your Profile settings.

Where does the Cancellation Policy content come from?

If you have a cancellation policy created within the Cancellation Policy section of the Payment Settings then this is that content. 

Can we turn off the About and Contact or Cancellation Policy pages?

We believe businesses should be open and honest because it will make it easier for your customers to find this information. Because of this if the data is saved within the system it is also then publicly available. To remove these pages you also then must remove the data from the system.