We understand that sometimes you want to use third-parties to also sell your products and services. In order to better track the utilization and calculate the ROI on these partnerships we have enabled a special URL parameter that will attach to any purchase a user makes from that link.  That parameter is src. Here are some examples:

Example 1: 

You are working with a marketing agency (Awesome Agency ABC) to run some PPC campaigns. They are running three different campaigns and you want the campaign data to also be listed in TRYTN reports. You can set up your inbound links as such:




Example 2:

Perhaps you want to know how many bookings are coming from the business listing on your local tourism website. You could list an inbound link as such:



Example 3:

Let's say you operate multiple websites that all link to the same TRYTN booking engine. You want to see which bookings are coming from what website and what content. You can easily do this with the src parameter.




The parameter allows for letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. All other special characters and spaces will be removed.