Sell your products on re-seller websites and track where the sales are coming from.


Re-seller links/tracking: Your re-sellers can add direct links to your website OR your TRYTN booking calendar. Purchases of your products from originating on re-seller websites are automatically tracked and easily pulled in TRYTN reporting using tracking source code linking. You can create any company name/s you would like, for this example we chose Company A, Company B, etc.




How it works: TRYTN will treat a string passed in the src URL parameter as special and attach this value of the parameter to any booking that was made by a customer. This allows you to track purchase paths for third-party websites, OTAs, even multiple internal sites. The possibilities are endless. 


For regular booking links simply append the src parameter and desired value and when a user adds a product to their cart it will automatically attach. For the embedded flow you need to have the src parameter appended to the link they entered from to attach.

How to generate custom tracking links: Add underlined code below to the end of each booking link. See example for TRYTN client "Example" and affiliate/re-seller “CompanyA” below:



How to obtain booking links for general, category, individual (Settings > Linking) 


More information about re-seller links with tracking source code