TRYTN currently supports eight (8) different dashboard layouts to support your business needs. Below is a short description of each of these dashboards as well as a graphical representation of the dashboard layout.

Four Column

This layout gives the dashboard four equal columns allowing for widgets to be placed within these equally-sized columns.

Four Column and Full Width

With this layout you are presented with the ability to have smaller widgets in the four equally-sized columns in the first row as well as a second row that spans the full width. 

One Column

In this layout you are given one column that spans the full width. This is ideal for widgets that contain more complex data like calendars and tables. 

Three Columns, Middle Largest

This layout supports a larger middle column and equally-sized and smaller left and right columns. The middle column is ideal for larger, graphical widgets while the left and right columns for supporting data.

Three Columns

Similar to the Four Column layout but with three columns. These are equally-spaced. 

Two Columns, Left Sidebar

This layout allows for supporting data on the left with a larger right segment for calendar or table widget data.

Two Columns, Evenly Spaced

This layout is similar to the Four Column or Three Column layouts except that it has two evenly-spaced columns to add widgets. Ideal for larger data widgets.

Two Columns, Right Sidebar

This is the same as the Two Columns, Right Sidebar except flipped, The larger column is on the left and the smaller supporting column is on the right.