Reports > Customers > Download Data (located at bottom of page)

The customers report allows you to see a breakdown of all revenue and bookings for a given customer. There are four main sections of the customers report and each gives a different set of data about your customer.

Customer Details

The customer details section gives a high-level overview about the customer. This information includes the name, email address, and phone number of the customer. 

Lifetime Value

The lifetime value shows how many bookings and revenue from those bookings a customer has made at your business. It also breaks down the overall average order value for orders by that customer.

Bookings and Breakdown

This section provides a chart that shows how many bookings a customer has made per month so you can see which months are the most popular for your customer. 

The report also lists all bookings made by that customer. At-a-glance you can see the transaction identifier, booking date, and total of the purchase. Clicking on one of these transactions will show the details.

Transaction Details

If you select a transaction from the list you will see additional details about that transaction. This information includes buyer information, transaction details, and status (paid or refunded) for this specific transaction. You also can see the products that were purchased in this transaction.