It's easy to enable your Mailchimp integration. Once you do so customers will have the ability to opt-in to receiving marketing communications from you when they make purchases. To enable Mailchimp navigate to Settings and under the Integrations section click Mailchimp.

Here you are presented with two required pieces of information. Not providing both or removing these values will disable your integration. 

API Key - is the key Mailchimp provides that allows TRYTN to communicate with Mailchimp. You can request an API key by going to Account within your Mailchimp account, then Extras and select API Keys. Follow their instructions to create or select the appropriate API key.

List ID - This is the audience list that your customer details will be stored. To locate the list ID go to Audience then under Manage Audience select Settings. At the bottom of the page is a Unique id for Audience [name].

Once both of these fields are correctly populated each additional order received that a customer checks the opt-in checkbox during review will be sent to Mailchimp. Note that the opt-in checkbox automatically gets added to the purchase flow when this feature is enabled and cannot be turned off without disabling your Mailchimp integration.