Access Transaction details page from any of the following locations:

  1. Dashboard > Click booking > Details OR
  2. Transactions > search transactions by buyer name, transaction ID or email address > Actions > Details OR
  3. Check In > Actions > Details 

From Transaction details page > click "+" next to activity title > Reschedule

Select new date and time > Re-schedule

The activity is re-scheduled and auto-notation is created detailing the change. 

Option to resend updated confirmation emails: Actions > Re-send confirmation email.

Note: When re-scheduling a booking for the same product at new date with a different price point, the original price point will be honored. 

  • Example: Customer books product A for Monday at $75 and wishes to re-schedule product A for Saturday (product A Saturday pricing is $100). The original $75 pricing will be maintained if using re-schedule.

If you would like to change booking dates with an auto-calculation of any price changes, use edit instead of re-schedule.