Log into your AdRoll account. It may be helpful to follow the instructions on this support document on how to create Fixed Audiences. Follow the instructions for Creating a Fixed Audience. Once you have clicked on the Copy ID to Clipboard link, paste that code into the TRYTN system for the given audience.

Checkout Audience ID - This is the audience that is triggered when someone adds one or more products to their cart. This is helpful to create an audience for this page for those who are highly engaged for a product.

Confirmation Audience ID - This audience serves two purposes. The first is to be used to exclude advertisements from people who clicked on an ad and purchased. The second is to be used to reengage customers who previously purchased products.

Details Audience ID - This audience is for potential customers who have viewed a product details page. This shows a low level of interest in the product. 

You may also need to tag various pages on your website with AdRoll. However tracking within TRYTN helps to track higher-engaged users who are working through the c