There are several options to add TRYTN to your website:

  1. Click for Standard Experience Instructions: Booking experience lives on separate URL(Example: Click Green Book Now Button)
  2. Click for Embedding Booking Instructions: Booking experience floats over website (Example: Click Book Now)
  3. Booking Widgets: Booking experience is on your website 
    1. Settings > Widgets
    2. Click for Product Card (single product) or Product Grid (all products) Booking Widget: Product/s integrated into website (Click Here for ExampleScroll to bottom of homepage to view TRYTN products)
    3. Click for Calendar Widget Booking ExperienceCalendar integrated into website (Example: Scroll to bottom of page and select date from calendar


To customize colors, in TRYTN click Settings > Custom Theme > select custom colors > Save Changes

If you would like assistance or have questions about adding TRYTN to your website, please message