1. Initial Sale Confirmation Email: Sent to Buyer immediately after sale
    • Text included in initial confirmation emails: Buyer info, shop info, date/time, pricing, cancellation policies, product description text, product sub-description text (if set to be included in email receipts.
    • To set/edit email text per product: Products > Scheduled > Actions > Basic Settings > Description text and sub-description text included in confirmation emails (click “Save changes” to save edits)
    • How to add image on initial confirmation emails

To send test email: New Transaction > Select Grid view or Date View > Enter in Booking Details > Select "Other" for payment type > Add one of your email addresses as Buyer Email > Click box for “Send confirmation emails” > Create Manual Add

  1. Additional Emails: Sent out after initial sale confirmation email (at specified number of days post-purchase, pre-activity or post-activity)

To send test email: Settings > Custom Communications > Actions > Send Test Email

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