Payouts to your bank are set from within your Stripe account.

First payout: Information from Stripe about waiting period for first payment.

Ongoing payouts: If there are any other unexpected delays or reserves on Stripe payouts, we recommend logging into to Stripe and contacting their support through chat, phone call or email to inquire if your account can be reviewed to remove/decrease payout delay/refund holds and recommended next steps. Their chat and phone customer support is 24/7 with responses within a few minutes.

When you contact Stripe's support through chat, provide them with the following information for review of removed/decreased payout delay/refund holds:

  • Business website URL/link
  • Explanation of what you plan to sell through Stripe
  • Refund policy link or text
  • Typical customer and estimated average order amount
  • Current or expected processing volume
  • Current or expected chargeback/dispute rates
  • Current or expected refunds rates


If you have any other questions or did not receive the response you were looking for, contact so we can assist.